We are HEROES, a transnational alliance of seven higher education institutions across Europe

We are joining forces from a distinct applied sciences perspective. Professional higher education, practice-oriented scientific research and community engagement through services for the labour market and society are our common ground, the solid foundation of our cooperation within the framework of our European University.
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HEROES supports Ukraine

“Innovation for all/by all in an inclusive international community”

It is our fundamental purpose to increase our joint societal impact by working together to solve local problems through innovation and international cooperation. We will join forces - by pooling talent and resources.

- to create an international applied sciences network offering all our students - whoever they may be, including specific target groups - various international learning experiences.

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HEROES is the acronym for Higher Education Roaming Opportunities and Engagement for Society. HEROES is currently at the proposal state (Erasmus+).

Applied sciences perspective

We are HEROES, a transnational alliance of seven higher education institutions across Europe, joining forces from a distinct applied sciences perspective . Together we represent a sample card of the varied higher education landscape in Europe, ranging in size from 3000 to 45.000 students (+100.000 in total), offering study programmes from the associate degree to the PhD level, and geographically characterized by a wide regional coverage with proximity to and accessibility for students and local partners on campuses in smaller cities and rural areas.

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HEROES vision pattern

Professional higher education

We offer high-class professional higher eduction. We educate students to be able to perform professionally at the interface of theory and practice, who can apply and deploy knowledge

Practice-oriented scientific research

With our practice-oriented scientific research we aim to have a real impact on professional practice and society and enrich our curricula with evidence-based insights.

Community engagement

Through professional services and continuing education, we ensure the transfer and dissemination of our expertise, acquired knowledge and research results in the field.

HEROES vision pattern

Work packages

Higher Education Roaming Opportunities and Engagement for Society.

  • Project Management
  • Steering Principles

  • Micro-credentials
  • Double/Joint degrees
  • Degree Mobility

  • Digital Transformation
  • COIL
  • Multi-disciplinary Track
  • Living Lab
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Challenge-based learning via Projects

  • Working students and Interns
  • Socio-economic disadvantaged students
  • Migrants & Refugees

  • Impact & Dissemination

What does HEROES mean for Goitom?

“HEROES University is about inventing the future. It is an innovative and collaborative response towards shouldering societal and global needs of tomorrow. it will significantly contribute towards building European values through the provision of innovative education, research and service to society that will put multistakeholder participation upfront. It will work to ensure the visibility of Europe’s contribution towards the realization of Agenda 2030 guaranteeing Europe’s commitment to global needs.”

"HEROES University is a response to the challenges and opportunities ahead of us and will show how higher education needs to be transformed to embrace the future.
It is the manifestation of the existing robust collaboration amongst partner and associate universities. It is a result of outstanding commitment in leadership, and the determination of all partners involved. It will contribute to the realization of institutional aspirations, strategic dreams and better service to society. To me, HEROES University will be the most innovative expression of our ultimate desire towards serving society! Through an examplary collaborative work, HEROES University will stage tomorrow’s higher education today.”
Goitom Tegegn
HEROES vision pattern